Writing Portfolio

This page is my portfolio where people can read and share articles, columns, advice, etc. that’s been posted and published on other websites and/or print magazines. This way, I have a body of work readily available for anyone who’s interested! Please feel free to browse through my works with InStyle, Black Girl Nerds, and GirlsLife.com, as well as other outlets.

FanGrrls @ Syfywire.Com
Features, Entertainment

6 reasons why X-Men’s Storm deserves her own spin-off movie

Book vs Flick: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

55 things I noticed while watching Beauty and the Beast as an adult

Why a reboot of Disney’s Gargoyles is definitely needed

The Mary Sue 
Features, Entertainment 

Is the Perfect Show for the Old-Soul Millennial

Why Issa Rae’s Insecure Is the Representation I’ve Been Waiting For

Here’s How DC Can Make the Ultimate Solo Harley Quinn Film

Facebook Live tutorials, lifestyle features, wedding features

One Woman Makes a Strong Case for Living Together Before Marriage 

11 Geek Chic Wedding Ideas For the Nerdy Couple

8 New Wedding Traditions Every Modern Couple Will Love

Facebook Live Tutorial on Paper Flower Pom centerpieces

How to Make DIY Paper Flower Pom Wedding Centerpieces 

How I Turned My Wedding Into a Massive DIY Project

Viral Video of Man’s Faux Photoshoot Proposal (video)

Black Girl Nerds
Op-Eds, TV Show Recaps, Comic Reviews

Afiya Augustine Contributor Page at Black Girl Nerds

Wetpaint Entertainment
News, Features, TV Recaps, Exclusives, and Galleries

Afiya Augustine Author Page at Wetpaint.Com


The Rules of a Proper Houseguest

Making the Best of a Holiday Road Trip

Beauty Tips: How to Freshen Your Overall Look

Are YOU an Awkward Black Girl?

When Do You Know You’re Ready?

News, Features

Girls Life Magazine
News, Features, Exclusives, Advice

*Girl Talk* How to Survive a Best Friend Break-Up (Advice)

National Blood Donor Month is Upon Us! (News)

*Snag That  Dream Job* Politician (Interview)

GL celebrates the ah-mazing accomplishments of African American Women (feature)

Scientist-in-Training Sydney Clark Shows the boys how it’s done (interview)

How to be the life of the party (advice) (co-author)

Will a perm destroy my super-fine hair (advice)?

I want to be a singer, but my parents don’t take me seriously (advice)

All crushed out! (advice, relationships)

Be a better bestie (advice, guidelines)


Too shy to chat (advice, relationships)

The great shower debate (advice, health, beauty)

More Published Articles

Giant Life Mag

Beyonce, Babies & the Supermom (featured on XhibitP.com)


Things JFK And Ari Shared Over Time (NEWS)

Brooklyn College Excelsior- “City Chick”

The City Chick’s Guide: What’s the Dish on Dating?

Can We Be Friends? Drawing the line

The Awful Un-gettable Get (Relationships)

Don’t Grow Apart From Friends

Brooklyn College Excelsior – “Ms. Manners”

How to Fight it Out

How to Handle The Ex

Proudgirls.com (formerly hangProud.com, these articles are from an archived location) 

Be In Style and Inexpensive (Fashion Advice)

Fierce & Fearless Women: Tonika Simmons Interview

Emotions Taking Me Over: Relief in Writing

Living in Fear: A Piece on Domestic Abuse

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